Basic Guitar Chords - Major Open Chords

Below are the chord diagrams for the basic guitar chords that all guitarists need to know, and it is essential that you learn these. Don't worry if you have some problems trying to form the shapes initially, you WILL find it easier the more you try and as long as you put in a bit of practice , you will succeed. If you need help trying to read the chord charts see this section on Reading Chord Diagrams.

It is normal to get frustrated when something isn't coming together as quickly as you would like, but the next time you hear yourself saying something like "I CAN'T DO THIS!!", don't leave it like that. Finish the sentence with "but I WILL learn!".

The guitar chords below cover all the Major Open chords available and it is quite possible that you could use these to play a million songs as so many songs are written in a major key. Open chords use at least one of the strings unfretted, which helps give the open chords their bright, ringing sound.

Give them a try, and when you feel confident forming the shape of each try moving between each of them keeping in time with a metronome or click.






The chords above aren't the only basic guitar chords that are available. Along with the major chords come the Minor chords of the same name.

And you may have noticed not all the major chords are represented above...

Below you will find two further chords, B Major and F Major, which might look a bit more daunting than the others, I only put them here for completion of the major chords.

The reason for this is that they are what are known as Barre Chords (or Bar) meaning that the 1st finger needs to act as a bar across the strings indicated by the broad black line with the number 1 at both ends. You then need to use the other fingers indicated to complete the chord.

Once you get used to barring across the strings it comes as second nature and you will find yourself using more and more barre chords, especially if you are playing an electric guitar.



Minor Guitar Chords

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