Basic Guitar Chords - Open Minor Chords

Our basic guitar chords section isn't finished just yet. You know when you hear a sad song you KNOW it's a sad song? But how?

Well it's not just the soppy lyrics about your girlfriend/boyfriend (or your dog for that matter) that are to blame. Oh no, minor Guitar Chords have a big part to play in it too!!

Try playing an E major chord and then an E minor chord, and notice the difference in their sound. The major chord sounds brighter, happier, even maybe aggressive? Whereas the minor chord sounds sad and melancholy, poor thing.

And here are some of the biggest minor chord culprits for all the world to see.




And again, the following is not an open chord but a barre chord for F minor, and included because it will give you something a little more difficult to attempt. Gotta keep stretching those fingers!!


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