Welcome to It's All About Guitar.....

With so much information about guitar scattered around the web, in books, DVD's and videos, it can be very confusing not just for beginners, but for guitarists of all skill levels.

Hopefully, using my 30 years of experience playing, teaching, and writing about, I can help you by providing some advice, guidance, hints and tips.

Have you been thinking about learning how to play? Perhaps you always wanted to but you just never got around to doing anything about it for any number of reasons. You didn't have the time, what with other commitments like school, being too busy with work, or even raising a family.

You just thought it was too much like hard work? And no matter how much you put into it you just wouldn't be able to play anyway. Big mistake! You can still learn how to play guitar despite all that, and hopefully I will be able to provide a little bit of inspiration and encouragement to get you on your way.

The aims of the site are numerous. Firstly, to provide encouragement for anyone who falls into one of the categories above and, as the site grows, providing valuable information on learning how to play how to go about buying without wasting your money, caring for your instrument once you have made your purchase, tuning (including some alternative tunings), and provide you with a load of basic chords to get you started.

There will also be sections on the history of the instrument, some useful hints and tips on gigging, and using your skills to make money from playing. Want to know all about the different types of guitars out there? It will all be here.

Just follow the sections on the left to find a wealth of information on accessories, effects, players, news, and loads of other vital information and advice. And all the rest! The other good bits of having an axe addiction.

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