Now it's time to play guitar !

You can play guitar, but how are you going to use your skills?

Well firstly remember why you wanted to be a guitarist in the first place. I remember being asked this question by a music teacher who wanted to employ me as a tutor. He knew I had played in a band and there were a number of other tutors in the room. I think he was trying to impress on us the benefits of telling young lads that playing guitar would mean they would get more girls so they would keep up with the really!! "So David, you remember why you wanted to be a guitar hero, dont you, it was to get girls wasn't it?! Yes eh?"...without too much of a pause I said "No. Not at all, I just wanted to be a great guitar player".

And maybe that is why I'm still playing today, in a couple of bands, running my own music schools, writing about guitars, etc. I just loved guitars, I loved watching great guitarists playing, and I loved learning new tricks and turns. Oh yes, and getting the girl too. Whatever your reason/s for starting to play the guitar, you will many options open to you for how you actually apply those skills.

Want to play in a band or just play along with CD's, play for your own enjoyment, to serenade your partner at just the right moment, to write and record your own songs, or maybe teach others how to play guitar? Whatever your reason, the chances are you are now moving into another new area.

Want to go out gigging in a full four or five piece band, a duo, or as a solo artist? Or maybe some other way of using your skills? You'll find essential information on how to do it right here.

Play guitar Live !