Guitar Diagrams

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Acoustic Guitar

Diagram of an Acoustic Guitar

This guitar diagram of an acoustic guitar shows it's main composite parts.

This is what is known as either 'Dreadnought', 'Flat Top', 'Jumbo', 'Folk' or 'Country and Western' guitar and has a larger acoustic body than the nylon string acoustic guitar. This gives it a powerful tone and rich resonance.

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Electric Guitar

Diagram of an Electric Guitar

This diagram of an electric guitar shows it's main composite parts.

The electric guitar is made for use with an amplifier. While the guitar itself is NOT connected to the electric mains supply, the Amplifier IS connected to the supply. The guitar is then connected to the amplifier with the lead provided, these have a 1/4" jack plug at both ends. The sound from striking the strings is then reproduced through the loudspeaker/amplifier system.

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Nylon String Guitar

Diagram of a Nylon String Guitar

The nylon string guitar, also known as classic, spanish, or flamenco guitar, are acoustic instruments strung with nylon strings rather than steel strings.

Played using the fingers (fingerstyle) rather than with a plectrum the top three strings (i.e. 1st 'E', 2nd 'B' and 3rd 'G') are plain nylon. The three bass strings (4th 'D', 5th 'A' and 6th 'E') are also nylon, but bound with a fine plated wire. Nylon strings help to give the delicate and sweet tone associated with these instruments.

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Acoustic Guitar Anatomy

Acoustic Guitar Anatomy

Acoustic Guitar Anatomy - the exploded parts of an acoustic guitar, in this case a Nylon String Guitar. Although the diagram is basic it should also provide your very first stop if you ever intend to build your own acoustic guitar.

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