Free Guitar Scales

Although I have some free guitar scales for you to download ( see Download button at bottom of page), I would like to suggest that you don't put too much emphasis on them, or spend too much time devoted to learning them.

For some reason a lot of guitarists seem to have a pre-occupation with scales. While I realize the importance of scales I can't think of anything less motivating or interesting than listening to a guitarist playing scales up and down the neck, right up to the dusty end, even at high speed. But I do understand how some guitarists can be impressed by it to such a degree that they spend vast amounts of time researching an equally vast amounts of scales.

IF you do wish to really understand scales then you should check out Guitar Scale Mastery , it is likely to provide everything you need to succeed.

Now don't get me wrong, I can admire the technical ability and the accuracy but as a musical statement they can be, well, a bit dull. By all means integrate scales into your playing, in fact you will have to, but understand that they can not be a replacement for melody.

Probably the best place for scales is the practice room. What they are great for is getting your fingers into shape and getting familiar with the notes on the fretboard. Use them for this, and even buy yourself a good scales book to hear how the different scales sound, that can be motivating. But at the start, try to allocate perhaps 10 -15 mins at the start of your practice session to scales.

Scales do not make songs; chords and melody do however. To that end I have provided some guitar scales of major keys in a .pdf file for download.

Free Guitar Scales

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