What are the different types of guitars?

types of guitars

There are many different types of guitars, falling into different categories so it is important you know the difference between them, and the benefits, when starting out on your guitar playing journeys. It is also important to understand the difference between playing styles and guitar types.

It is a common misconception with newbies that there is a 'Lead' or 'Rhythm' Guitar, when in fact these are actually playing techniques.

So, for example, Acoustic, Semi-Acoustic, Semi-Electric, Solid-body Electric , 12 string and 7 string guitars , Spanish guitar , and Bass Guitars are all examples of TYPE of guitar. Jazz, Blues, Metal, Rock, Flamenco, Classical are playing STYLES, and as mentioned above, Rhythm, Lead, and Slide are examples of playing TECHNIQUES.

The guitar you choose will largely depend on who your influences are and the style of music you like and want to play. But there are other considerations, such as your available budget, the purpose (strumming round the campfire anyone? Probably best to go for an acoustic then!), and your surroundings.

For example, your neighbors might not be best pleased with you bashing out a Green Day song at two in the morning on an acoustic guitar, but they might not even know you're playing an electric if you have it plugged into a guitar amp with a headphone socket (you DO need to have headphones plugged into it for this to work though!). Or perhaps you do a lot of traveling and need a guitar that suits that purpose. Whatever your requirement there is a guitar type out there for you.

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