Guitar Humidifier

Why do you need one?

You need to use a Guitar Humidifier if you have an Acoustic Guitar and live in a region that is prone to severe dryness or cold. Keeping a guitar in a centrally heated home can cause various problems; Cracks in finish, frets extending or lifting out of finger board, playability problems like rattles and buzzes etc. It is therefore essential to keep a proper moisture level in the room your Acoustic Guitar is stored in, and especially if you are not keeping it in it's case (the best form of protection).

What do they do?

A guitar humidifier is a device which fits inside the soundhole of the guitar and gradually disperses moisture to help prevent the wood from drying out and shrinking.

What do they look like?

There are several different types of humidifier on the market including the rubber (or vinyl) soundhole cover type, the rubber tube type which hangs inside the guitar, and the canister type which is clay filled. The most popular type is the probably the rubber tube type which come in various sizes up to approximately one foot in length, and is basically a tube with a sponge in it.

Guitar Humidifier guitar_humidifier2

How do you use one?

The Rubber Tube type simply gets inserted into the soundhole and is retained by two of the strings, the sponge is held under cool water until saturated, any excess water is then removed by wringing out the tube. The vinyl soundhole type is also an encased sponge and simply click into the soundhole.

Where can I get one?

Any good instrument retailer should keep a stock of these, if not you can either get them to order one for you or you could order one online from any number of retailers.

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