Learn To Play Country Guitar

Learn to play Country Guitar

Okay. This guy totally blows me away.

If you want to learn to play country guitar then this is your teacher, Doug Sevens. When I first saw one of his videos I just laughed really hard it was so damn good.

I'm a rock player by experience, through years of playing that style, but I always envied the great country guitar players and wanted to learn country guitar but it sounds so difficult !!

That's where Doug comes in. He blows the lid on how those great country players do what they do, and shows all the tips and tricks in the book to get you frying your telecaster before breakfast through a series of videos, accompanied with free country music guitar tabs, country guitar chords, and backing tracks.

These are Full Tabs, with REAL Professional Backing Tracks!!

And those great country guitar players I was talkin' about? Well you will learn to play just like them. Players like Brent Mason, Danny Gatton, Albert Lee, Johnny Hiland, and Brad Paisley are all covered here.

And it's not just the famous riffs, but the licks we've all wanted to know on the albums they have played on broken down nice and SLOW and explained in detail. Including the TWO absolute Secret techniques that Brad Paisley uses in nearly all his Lead Solos.

Doug can tell you about it better than I ever will, so visit

Hot Country Guitar and watch a couple of his videos.

Sheer delight!!

But in the meantime sit back and enjoy Doug in full flow :-o

Country Guitar - Doug Seven Hot Country Guitar.

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