Basic Guitar Chords - 5th Chords

Of all the Basic Guitar Chords, 5th Chords (or 5 chords) have got to be the easiest and most fun. This page is a beginners guitar lesson in it's own right, not just a collection of chords.

If you check out how each chord is formed you will see that they all use the same basic shape, how cool is that (and easy)? So just by getting your fingers to form one shape you can play loads of chords all over the neck, and therefore loads of songs. Just be careful of the Fret Number you play the shape on, for example the D Shape is on the 5th fret. Click here , if you need a little help in working out Chord Diagrams.

Practice the shape, then practice moving it over the fretboard.

Note the E5 and A5 shapes I am demonstrating on the 1st fret for simplicity. The rest of the chords use a 'barre' using the first finger to span across the relative frets.

Basic Guitar Chords - E5

First off we start with, above, the easiest guitar chord of all time...The E5.

Basic Guitar Chords - A5 Chord

Followed by A5 Chord

Basic Guitar Chords - D5 Chord

The D5

Basic Guitar Chords - G5 Chord


Basic Guitar Chords - F5 Chord


Basic Guitar Chords - D5 Chord


Basic Guitar Chords - C5 Chord

..and finally C5.

Hopefully you'll find these useful, once you have learnt the shape you'll find yourself plonking these chords into your playing without even thinking.

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