Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons

As far as beginner acoustic guitar lessons available for instant access are concerned, Jamorama Acoustic Guitar would probably be my top choice considering what you get for your money.

The course includes an incredible 153 step-by-step video lessons with 26 high quality Jam Tracks that you can play along with, this is one of the best ways to learn without a doubt, and is packed with tips and tricks to get the student playing in the shortest time possible

The software included also allows you to turn the pre-recorded guitar track off and jam along with the drummer and bass guitarist (or you can leave the guitar track and simply have a buddy guitar partner!)

Thoughtfully this acoustic guitar for beginners kit also includes an ear training game and tuner software. The Jamorama integrated Kit is also an instant download so you can have it now, without having for it to be delivered.

PS Jamorama also offer free online acoustic guitar lessons

The good folks at Jamorama are currently also offering a 6-Part Acoustic Guitar E-course free. This is in the shape of an E-course and includes:

  • Six Free Step-by-Step Guitar Lessons (Including Audio and Video content!).
  • Free Music Learning Software.
  • Free Hints and Tips from Guitar Experts.
  • Helpful Advice for Getting Started and much, much more.

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