How do you choose which beginner guitar lessons are right for you?

Where do you start? The choice out there for advanced, intermediate and beginner guitar lessons is so vast it can be plain confusing.

And when I say 'Where do you start playing guitar' I'm not talking about your bedroom, the spare room, or the potting shed. No, I'm talking about selecting a method for learning. Should you get a blues guitar manual, a scales method book, Heavy Metal made Easy, a chord book with 1 million chords, go to a local teacher, blow town and enroll in music school, learn to read music, or TAB? Perhaps fingerstyle, jazz, country or .....whatever.

With so much choice it is easy to see why so many budding guitarists are put off before they even begin.

Ok, lets make this simple.

Firstly, if you are reading this the likelihood is that you are a beginner. It is pointless then at this stage to even consider the more advanced guitar methods, leave those to later, if you need them at all. So you will be looking for beginners guitar lessons. Good work, that has just eliminated 80% of the teaching materials out there. Don't worry, they are not gone for good, you can come back to these when you get the basics over and done with. Don't confuse yourself now with Modes, Synthetic Scales, or Interval Inversions, it's just too much information.

What kind of music do you listen to and like? To be honest, when learning to play guitar it can be useful to learn to play songs that you are familiar with, but at the same time you will be learning the same chords and methods that are used for building millions of other songs, so that's another lesson learnt. You will need to learn some guitar chords.

Let me scare you for a second. There could be quite literally thousands of different guitar chords to learn, I've never counted, and certainly don't feel the need to. Some will have your fingers contorted into something that looks like a pretzel that has been broken and stuck together again. Now let me un-scare you. You may only need to learn a handful of these chords. How many is a handful? Hmmm, let's say less than twenty, and possible as few as seven. Still scared? Don't be.

You can play all these chords by using just few chord 'shapes'. Once you learn these, you will be able to move those chord shapes on the guitar neck to play different chords for almost any song you wish to learn.

So lets see how to go about selecting the right beginner guitar lessons.

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