Guitar Lessons for Beginners

So what guitar lessons for beginners should you go for? Again, the choice is bewildering. You can use text books, ebooks, DVDs, CD-ROMs, subscription sites where you pay a monthly fee and one or more guitar tutors deliver a range of lessons online, or you could go to a real 'live' tutor.

In reality you will probably be best served by a combination of these, you can't get too much of a good thing! But for the meantime, let's just remember that you want to keep it simple so don't overload on the payload and shed out loads of money if you don't need to. What would suit you best? Do you want to watch someone play? Do you like curling up on the sofa with a book? You might not always have your computer (or DVD player) with you, or it might not be convenient, someone else might be watching their favorite programme on TV, or might be using the computer, what do you do then? Just wait your turn I guess.

Buy a book on the other hand and you can keep it in your guitar case, read it in the bath (probably best that you don't bring your guitar into the bath though as this the strings will rust), and quickly use for reference without having to switch on the TV or computer.

My personal choice for guitar lessons for beginners would be to go for an ebook that you can read on the computer if you're on it, or on one of those fancy new ebook readers, and you can print it out and keep it in your guitar case. You can still catch a load of guitar lessons for beginners online at YouTube after all when you get back on the computer.

Once you have made your decision on which guitar lessons for beginners to go for, remember to keep your guitar close at hand where possible, so that you can play whenever the opportunity arises. If you need to dig it out from under the bed, or out of a cupboard, and then out of it's case you are taking up valuable PRACTICE time.

So keep your guitar close by, perhaps on display on a good quality stand. This way you can even noodle while watching TV. One word of warning though to those who have small children around. I'm not particularly obsessed with keeping my guitars in pristine condition, I play them, I use them, they are tools of my trade, and occasionally they do get a few dings and scratches, so I don't mind my kids strumming them while they are propped up and secured on a good stand. I did however have to draw the line at my youngest trying to strum a nice acoustic guitar with a peeled banana. Not a pretty sight.

So, get a good book or ebook to get started, search youtube, and check this site for other ideas for beginner guitar lessons. Also keep an eye on , a review site for all levels of tuition, including beginner guitar lessons. And now you are on your way.

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