Why learn to play guitar?

Why learn to play guitar? Why not is a better question! It may be simply for your own enjoyment sitting at home and playing along to your favourite cd's or MP3's, and it's great to be able to jam along with your favourite band!

Hey, imagine taking the time to learn the backing chords to a favourite song, then connect your MP3 player to your Hi Fi, press play, and strum along with the band! Don't be a shrinking violet either, impress your friends by telling them that you have jammed with Green Day or Steve Vai or the Eagles or whoever your favourite song happens to be by, and you won't even be lying. Cool!

Perhaps you want to impress your kids, or serenade your partner when he/she doesn't even know you can play! You could even be learning a new skill that can eventually bring in some extra dollars to help with bills, pay for a holiday, new shoes, or even....another guitar....Yeeeaah! I and many hundreds of thousands of guitarists do this week in, week out, gigging in local bars, pubs, clubs and studios. See the section Play for more details on how to set about bringing in an income from playing your guitar.

Learning to play a musical instrument helps thinking, it's a fact, whether you are a kid or an adult. So forget the nonsense about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks, it is complete nonsense and this goes for almost any new task or skill that you wish to learn. Now rock climbing might cause you a few more problems, so start with learning the guitar and move on from there. And it's good for your brain! A recent study even shows that it helps kids learning, improving skills for maths and other topics.

Playing guitar can be a wonderful and socially rewarding activity. You could also use your new skills to help others, for example performing a few songs at a hospital or old peoples residential home, using your gift or skills to bring joy to others. It could be as part of therapy for others (or yourself) or you may just want to learn to play guitar to kill some spare time while learning a new skill. Heck, maybe you just found a guitar in the loft, or someone bought you a guitar for your birthday, or you have received money as a gift and are wondering whether or not to invest this in buying a guitar and learning to play.

Whatever the reason, if you are asking yourself "why learn to play guitar", and you are reading this, then you have probably already got a reason. You have an interest. Please do not let this interest pass you by, strike while the iron is hot ! Go for it!

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