It has never been easier to learn how to play a guitar!

It has been said before that to learn how to play a guitar is easy, but to learn how to master it, is difficult. And if you simply want to play any of the thousands of popular tunes out there from yesteryear or today, then it is quite likely that all you are going to need to learn is a handful of chords. That's where the easy part comes in, and it really is that simple so long as you put in some time.

And you know what? It has never been easier to learn how to play a guitar than it is now.

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Looking through some of the online lessons, ebooks, videos, DVD's and CD's that there are now available either for instant download, or instant dispatch got me thinking about how I started to learn how to play a guitar after first being hooked by watching some rockers on TV.

Over the next few days I tentatively made my way into town, and walked past the music store a few times before getting the courage to actually go in. And there, hanging on the wall, were rows of what I'd been dreaming about. Before the month was finished I bought a second hand Les Paul copy. In hindsight it was a terrible guitar, really high action, tuning pegs that could barely be turned, and crackly electrics. But I loved it. And I had taken my first step to becoming a guitarist.

I then proceeded to teach myself how to play, learning by ear and using a basic guitar chords book. I didn't want the hassle of reading music books, they were too complicated, and I didn't know anybody else who played the guitar who could show me.

30 years later and anyone with a desire to learn how to play guitar has it made, you really are getting a head start with all this stuff. The choice of lessons and delivery methods is astounding. You can simply click to download an ebook that will have you strumming chords round the campfire in no time, or blazing up and down the neck ala Yngvie Malmsteem or Frank Gambale, order a DVD (or collection of DVD's), get lessons mailed to you daily, weekly or monthly, or a combination of these and more.

You can download any amount of tab or chord sheets to keep you going for the rest of your life, even if you start now, and learn how to play a guitar in your own home, or go for lessons and have someone show you how to play.

For what it's worth I don't think anything can replace a real live person sitting in front of you and devoting their time to you, answering your questions, and demonstrating things on the spur of the moment, so if you can find a good tutor or music school then try to get enrolled, the benefits against the cost for lessons will be well worth it, believe me.

However, ebooks, DVD's and Online Guitar Lessons etc are an essential additional resource that you have available to you at your fingertips, and will keep you occupied long after you have completed the homework provided by your tutor. So whether it's beginner guitar lessons , intermediate or advanced guitar lessons, there is plenty of choice out there.

If you don't have a tutor, or can't afford one, don't worry too much. You can still learn how to play a guitar using any of the other learning methods available to you, and depending on how far you want to go with this, it could be all that you need. What more can you ask for?

All you need to do is put in some PRACTICE time!!

Here's a short story:

Recently I was in the office with approximately 30 other people. A colleague had brought in a beautiful acoustic guitar, a handmade Avalon, which we had bubbled about to each other previously.

When the opportunity arose we took it into an adjoining office and out of it's case. We drooled over it and swapped it between us as first he played a few chords, then passed it to me to play.

A few minutes later another colleague joined us and he played a few chords. It was becoming a bit like 'Name That Tune'. Shortly, there were 7 people in the little office. The others were evidently guitar fans as they spoke with their hands in their pockets, or occasionally reached out to touch the guitar (quite funny).

But there was one thing that separated the 4 from the 3, and that was simply that they had never taken that step. They spoke about always wanting to learn how to play a guitar, but never actually got round to it.

I wonder if they will be in the same situation in 10 years time? Still looking for reasons to learn to play guitar?

How can you NOT give in to yourself and fulfill that wish to learn how to play a guitar? Or perhaps you have been playing for while and you have got into a little rut? That happens, and one of the best ways to get out of that rut is to learn something new, or go back a few steps and see what you've missed out. It's never been easier to play guitar...

Why learn to play guitar?

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